CoolSculpting Treatment Cycle Milestone

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CoolSculpting, a company that develops medical technology, focuses on developing commercial products that employ its controlled-cooling platform of technology announced that it recently shipped its 2,000,000th CoolSculpting treatment cycle.

Mark Foley, the President & Chief Executive Officer of ZELTIQ stated that, “As demonstrated by the shipment of our 2,000,000th cycle, the consumer and physician communities have embraced the procedure of CoolSculpting as a device that works and continues to expand the collective aesthetic market due to its appealing non-invasive fat reduction to a much broader range of the population, which includes men. We estimate that, on average, a patient receives about 4 cycles per treatment, which exhibits that we have treated an estimated 500,000 patients at present.

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While the our 2,000,000th cycle shipment is an incredible accomplishment for ZELTIQ, our market research exhibits that 22 million people in just the United States alone are interested in fat reduction in a non-invasive manner, which would suggest that we’re still in the infancy of generating and flourishing in the non-invasive fat reduction market. Again, we’re very excited about this significant achievement in the company’s history.”

The original and only CoolSculpting procedure was developed by scientists at Harvard and is based on the Cryolipolysis technology, which involves a process that exposes fat cells to extreme cold, killing them, and subsequently allowing them to naturally be eliminated from the body. Fat cells that are treated and subsequently self-eliminated from the body are gone forever, and patients can expect fat in those spots to be banished forever. There are more than 3,500 CoolSculpting systems operating in about 3,000 practices in more than 70 countries, worldwide. Further, 25% of North American centers that provide CoolSculpting offer more than a single Coolsculpting system in their medical practice.

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